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Pure Unsweetened Girl [entries|friends|calendar]

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[02 Oct 2012|08:00pm]

Mostly Friends Only.
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December Two Thousand Ten [27 Dec 2010|04:24pm]

Merry Christmas LiveJournal friends, I miss you.
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Updated Interests: [15 Dec 2010|08:32am]
About Me
adult contemporary dinners, amandas art, apples to apples, being nicolas mom, bff tattoos, cannon beach, christmas, dine out vancouver, driving really far, east van, eatskeet.com, every possible social network, fakeshark van roadtrips, four seasons saturdays, forgetting important things, getting up early, ginks & bella, hand sanitizer, hys after work, lindsaysdiet.com, loosing my mind, malloreigh & kaylie, mod club, mt. pleasant, my bug, my friends dresses, my T2i, neil, not talking for 5 years, photoshop, pictures at the bar, plants & animals, red wine drunk, refreshing livejournal, renji from rockband, remaining friends, ronysphotobooth.com, romance 2.0, shaving my cats, strathmore lodge, synchronicity, taking my own picture, taking pictures of friends, tea in the morning, the longest letters, the biltmore cabaret, the pink lady, thought projection, throwing large parties, top model nights, uncomfortable situations, visiting parents, warm colours, watching drama, working a lot
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iheartmyroom [03 Oct 2009|02:51pm]
I like this little community on lj called 'iheartmyroom'

I posted on it today - figured I'd xpost since I've added some stuff to my apartment recently..
<3 this community.

My name is Lindsay - I used to live here (my first iheartmyroom post) - but last August I moved out of the West End in Vancouver to a new condo in Mt. Pleasant, about ten minutes from downtown.

It's still a work in progress, but here's what I have so far..

East 11thCollapse )
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Medium. [12 Aug 2009|09:21am]

medium formatCollapse )

I'm really happy with how all these turned out - they're certainly an indicator of where my head (heart) has been in the last six months. I see less digital and more Rolleiflex in my future :)

also - Happy Birthday malloriegh !! ♥ ♥ ♥
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lindsayelliott.com [04 Aug 2009|06:23pm]
The lovely Robert Mearns convinced me that I needed (and then created) a new website for my photos(!)


I'd love to get some opinions on the content actually - anything painfully out of place? Anything I might want to add?

Anyone else have a photography website? (I know there are some amazing photographers on my friends list - i_aim_to_please malloreigh ultra_violett etc. etc.)

lindsaysdiet.com is still alive & kicking.. but I'm pretty stoked about having a platform for photos that aren't all party party.

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Ginkths! [27 Mar 2009|07:37am]
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NYE 2009, it snowed & snowed & snowed. [06 Jan 2009|10:59am]

Twenty Five of your Closest Friends..Collapse )
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References [30 Dec 2008|07:48pm]
These are a lot of my friends, photographed (for reference) by the lovely Robert Mearns

I am soooo so pleased to be in this video.. it's like a Vancouver video year book.

References from Robert Mearns on Vimeo.
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Family! [12 Dec 2008|05:44pm]

family portraits <3Collapse )
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The Paper Cranes [11 Dec 2008|02:53pm]
Look how fancy Mir & Ryans band is getting! Tv! Tours! Commericals!

Nice work you guys ♥

The Paper Cranes Myspace!
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Granville Article [04 Dec 2008|08:43am]
glossy magazineCollapse )
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HALLOWEEN!! [01 Nov 2008|11:58am]


Hope you had a fantastic night!!
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10 years post '98 [27 Oct 2008|09:36am]
This weekend was the reunion I mentioned here. Hah, it was.. interesting. I actually had a pretty fantastic time, (save my horrendous red wine hangover yesterday). I have definitely had my fill of highschool reunions now though.. I'm not even sure if I'll be able to handle mine next year.. :/

class of '98Collapse )
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27! [16 Oct 2008|10:16am]
I never did get around to posting the pictures from my 27th birthday a few weeks back (hey! remember my 26th?). Cheena was amazing and basically planned a whole Fondue party for me <3 - we had vegan chocolate fondue & a very un-vegan cream cheese/cream & herb creation... mmm... Nigel & I remembered early in the night that we still had two bottles of Absinthe from our trip to Barcelona in 2007 and everyone managed to polish off most of it by the time we left for the bar.. it made for some very drunken friends..

champagne & absinthe..Collapse )
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They keep getting better. [01 Oct 2008|09:24am]
I don't care if everyone has already seen these. This was a rad-tastic night and I feel like posting pictures...

Ginkth, Foundation, El Kartel, The Sweatshop..Collapse )
♥ ♥ ♥
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Fraggle Rock [29 Sep 2008|09:12am]
So, Los Angeles. I don't know why I don't feel like updating about L.A., I think maybe it's just that there's too much to say about the trip and I've already told all my 'good' stories to everyone. It was fantastic though, regardless. I went to Rony's art show, swam at Huntington Beach with Lauren, lived in Eagle Rock, had a fancy dinner, was checked for weapons at the USC Medical Center, met a ton of people, visited the American Apparel HQ, drove to Joshua Tree and finally saw the Mojave Desert (and picked up a pair of $4 cowboy boots!), discovered the Salton Sea - which blew my mind, I have a ton of photos from this place but none of them have been developed yet (seriously read the wiki on it, it's crazy!), I stayed up until 4:30am every night and tried to figure out my future, listened to records with Rony, Saw Gino & his duck & chicken and finally, finally made it back to Vancouver..

with love..Collapse )
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Fake Birthday - Real Twinz! [16 Sep 2008|08:58am]
Saturday was Coral & Darcy's wine & cheese birthday celebration extravaganza! It was SUCH a ladies night (poor Nigel), Cheena stopped by my place fairly early for hangouts, then Amanda & Keri came over to get dressed, then Bri - then we piled into Nigel's car and headed for the west end...

twenty somethings.. mostly.Collapse )
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catch up! [15 Sep 2008|08:35am]
Good Morning!

Today was the first day this fall that I've had to wake up in the dark for work. It was very.. confusing. You know that feeling where you're not sure if you woke up on your own and it's actually 3:00am and the whole shutting off the alarm thing was just a dream? That's totally what this morning was like. Hello fall '08.

This past weekend felt like summer all over again, all rolled into two days. I went to dinner with Dustin, a comedy show, Library Square for 90's night, I rode my bike all over the city, spent a morning photoshopping, an afternoon in the park drinking Strong Bow with Garret, Dustin, Jordan, Jake & Co., Coral & Darcy's wine & cheese birthday celebrations with EVERYONE (epic car rides there & back), breakfast with Nigel, Jordan & Darcy, then four square in McLean park for the rest of Sunday until haircut time with Tanis and a nice dinner at home with Nigel. Gossip Girl was on and I literally passed out from happy exhaustion around ten last night. Every weekend should be like this weekend.

photos from the last few weeks...Collapse )

There are so many good things coming up this week too - Cherry & Matt hangouts today, lunch with Sacha tomorrow afternoon, L.A. on Wednesday! (art show Thursday, dancing Friday! etc. etc.) Ginks & Bella get shaved Saturday morning and I'll be home Sunday night with more pictures and hopefully a good story or two. ♥ ♥ ♥
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Mostly Camping. [27 Aug 2008|10:04am]
I took last Friday off work to go camping with: smokes_outside, darcymercer, rowdyllama, coralcoralcoral, fakesharkstore, codycallon, mikesleckyesq, KC!, Joe & Marina!

The whole trip could probably be summed up with the words: FOUR SQUARE!, A WHOLE LOT OF FOOD!, SCOOBY SNACKS!, PHOSPHORESCENCE! and CAMPFIRES!

click here to see a bunch of pictures of us just sitting aroundCollapse )
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