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Pure Unsweetened Girl

just add water


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about me, adult contemporary dinners, amandas art, apples to apples, being nicolas mom, bff tattoos, cannon beach, dine out vancouver, driving really far, east van, eatskeet.com, every possible social network, fakeshark van roadtrips, forgetting important things, four seasons saturdays, getting up early, ginks & bella, hand sanitizer, hys after work, lindsaysdiet.com, loosing my mind, malloreigh & kaylie, mod club, mt. pleasant, my bug, my friends dresses, my t2i, neil, not talking for years, photoshop, pictures at the bar, plants & animals, red wine drunk, refreshing livejournal, remaining friends, renji from rockband, romance 2.0, ronysphotobooth.com, shaving my cats, strathmore lodge, synchronicity, taking my own picture, taking pictures of friends, tea in the morning, the biltmore cabaret, the longest letters, the pink lady, thought projection, throwing large parties, top model nights, uncomfortable situations, visiting parents, warm colours, watching drama, working a lot